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Cyber Operations

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Cyber Operations

Constellation Technologies Cyber Subject Matter Experts have first-hand knowledge and mission-aligned experiences to provide a full spectrum of Cyber Operations support, situational awareness and continuous monitoring, and analysis & research. Areas of expertise include intelligence and adversary threats assessment, critical infrastructure and GIG, defense industrial base, malware, information assurance, and operational research.

  • Cyber Operations Planning

The cyber domain provides a unique challenge to both military and civilian policymakers. Cyberspace Operations Planners must understand how plan and integrate Offensive and Defensive Cyberspace Operations and capabilities to achieve operational objectives.

  • Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO)

Defensive cyber operations tactics and methods include activities such as intrusion detection, real-time network monitoring, intrusion detection, and response to adversary attacks.

  • Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO)

Offensive cyber operations can range from simple network exploitation activity using free tools and publicly available information about an adversary’s networks to custom-built code targeting proprietary applications in use by a specific target. It also includes actions taken in support of activities designed to persistently alter or manipulate adversarial networks to degrade, disrupt or deny access capabilities for military operations.

  • Cyber Capabilities and Infrastructures Development

Cyber capabilities and infrastructure development focuses on the identification of new capabilities, coordination with the offensive and defensive teams for new requirements, and the development of requirements documents for acquisition.

  • Joint Operational Planning

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