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Cloud & Data Analytics

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Cloud & Data Analytics

Constellation Technologies provides computing solutions focused on enabling complex missions and business environments to cloud-based infrastructures. As the world becomes more digitized, the need for cloud-based services has grown exponentially. That’s why today, it’s not just about infrastructure – cloud infrastructure – but also the software and hardware engineering that goes into building these clouds. We provide customers with the knowledge to integrate, measure, and optimize data/utility cloud frameworks, applications, and systems.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Services include architecting solutions on the cloud to replace or supplement on-premises workloads.

Data Management

  • Services include research and development, creating migration plans and roadmaps, and migration of applications to clouds.

Hardware and Software Based Solutions

  • Services include cloud architecture design, cloud security and development, automated deployment, and sustainment and management of new cloud-based systems.

Analytical Development

  • We will help make sense of large data sets and develop analytics to provide decision makers with a clearer picture of the data.

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